Online Application for a PhD Fellowship

The application must be submitted by one of the respective deadlines of each year:

1 February, 1 June, 1 October

Procedure for Online Applications

1. Registration

Once you have registered, you will automatically receive an e-mail containing an internet link for your online application account. This will be sent to the e-mail address your provided.

2. Activation of your Application Account

Your account can be activated by clicking on the internet link in the e-mail. Once you have given user name and password, you can begin with the application. Required data can be filled in and saved chapter by chapter. You can edit all your entries before submitting the completed online application. Please note, however, that we do not receive your online application unless you click on the "Submit application" button.

3. Documents for Application

Please refer to the chapter "How to apply — PhD fellowship" on our website.

4. Confirmation

Once your online application has been submitted, we will send an e-mail acknowledging receipt of your application.

5. Data protection information

Please note that we can only process your application upon your agreement to the following conditions.