Selection of International Titisee Conferences

The Boehringer Ingelheim Fonds’ Board of Trustees, including six internationally renowned scientists, selects the topics and chairs of the conferences.

Selection criteria

  • Conference topics must be in an area of basic biomedical research, highly topical and/or cover a field where major advances are to be expected and/or are currently being made.
  • The chair and co-chair must be internationally renowned scientists who have made major contributions to the subject area(s) of the meeting.
  • The chair and co-chair should be able to bring together the leading scientists of two or three different scientific communities to stimulate interdisciplinary exchange and cooperation.
  • The chair should be a scientist working in Europe.

The International Titisee Conferences are held every spring and autumn. The arrangements begin two years in advance. In late October or early November, the foundation's Board of Trustees entrusts the conferences for the year after next to two scientists. Suggestions and proposals from the scientific community are welcome.

Proposals for topics and chairpersons for the International Titisee Conferences are informal and should be brief (not to exceed three pages). They should, however, identify the chairs and briefly describe their major contributions to the field. Proposals should state why the proposed topic is relevant and at the cutting edge of science and explain why these particular sub-disciplines should be brought together. Proposals may be submitted via email to Iris Bodenbender.

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